Parent Support Group (PSG)

AY 2023 – 2024

Idul Fitri 2024


AY 2022 – 2023


To work in partnership with the school and parents to nurture the holistic development of our pupils



  1. Support school activities and initiatives through active participation in order to foster a holistic and friendly educational environment for our pupils
  2. Assist the school to organize learning events with our teachers to foster stronger cooperation and understanding of the teaching processes
  3. Support and enhance the school programmes and to promote and continue to develop community spirit.
  4. Provide material, financial, and/or volunteer assistance for the benefit of pupils within the RICS community.
  5. Facilitate open communication and feedback between school management, teachers and parents
  6. Serve as a platform for parents’ networking and sharing of best practices in parenting


Framework and Structure:

The framework outlines five principles to guide the partners in working together. These are:

  • Trust is the foundation
  • Remember the child
  • Understand our shared responsibilities
  • Seek common ground
  • Together, we work towards common goals


All parents with a child studying in the school are automatically members of the school Parent Support Group (PSG). The PSG is one of the many channels where parents can contribute their time, expertise, skills, knowledge and effort to help to bring further improvement to the school programmes that will, in turn, benefit the student population.

Parents who would like to be represented for the level should present himself/herself as a person with the time and the expertise to help with school activities and to attend PSG meetings. Parents with proven skills and knowledge on matters pertaining to education, the arts, music and sports will benefit the Parent Support Group.


Be our partner in your child’s education, be a PSG level representative

In the PSG, the school will be appointing one Parent Representative from each level to be in the respective PSG’s committee in the Pre-Primary until Junior College where they will work closely with staff of the school in the school’s events and activities as well as on areas of improvement and enhancement.