Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

CCA 2023/2024


Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

The objectives of Education cannot be accomplished by academics alone.  Various aspects such as physical, intellectual, emotional, socio-cultural, aesthetics and spiritual activities are inculcated in the curriculum to promote the holistic growth and personality development of the learners.

Co-curricular activities (CCA) are essential part in all stages of education.  Activities for literacy, physical development, civic development, leisure time and social welfare are integral parts of the educational program for they provide avenues for developing leadership skills, social skills, confidence, artistic skills, responsibility, unity, cooperation, and a lot more.  These activities are organized after school hours with the following objectives:

  • Provide opportunities for students to venture into non-academic field of interests for holistic growth;
  • Enhance many skill developments while developing values and competencies that will prepare them for a rapidly changing world
  • Give the students a venue to express and generate ideas freely, promote leadership quality and excel in their fields of interests;
  • Develop the personality of the students and the spirit of healthy competition;
  • Foster social integration and deepens students’ sense of belonging, commitment and sense of responsibility to school and community;

CCA moderators are teachers, who have personal or professional competencies aside from the subjects that they teach, and outsource companies or institutions that offer different activities that the school cannot provide for the children.